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With over a decade of professional experience in acting, teaching and movement direction and having trained with Ita O'Brien of Intimacy on Set, we are able to offer a distinctive and varying skill set. Theatre, TV and Film are demanding more sexual content and nudity and it is essential that performers and crew are supported.


We are here to do just that!


We advocate for actors, liaise clearly and efficiently between production and performers, and skilfully choreograph intimate content. 


EK Intimacy was initially born out of our love of working together. Since leaving Drama school (where we met) we have perpetually reached out to each other for creative inspiration, advice, someone to write gratitude lists to, a much needed coffee, a confidence boost or just a hug. We wanted to create a space that felt approachable and intriguing, as well as a platform for creatives, producers, directors and actors to get in touch and enquire about our work as Intimacy Coordinators. 

We are huge advocates for each other and each other's work and believe working closely together brings essential benefits to both our practice and the industry.

Our jobs seem to ignite interesting tête-à-tête’s and discussions; both among industry professionals, but also amongst friends, acquaintances, parents of friends (always slightly more awkward - for them), and even our own families. We realise that despite speaking most days we never bore of each other, and always manage to natter on for over an hour, mainly talking shop. This birthed the idea of ‘FAKE SEX', our podcast. We contemplated- “why not share our thoughts, stories and learnings? You never know, people might want to hear this stuff!” From discovering the world of intimacy both on and off screen, to busting the myths of sex in tv and film, we hope to take you on an exciting ride where you’ll learn things, laugh, perhaps blush and maybe occasionally cry.


Click here to listen.

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Katharine Hardman 


Having worked as a professional Actress and Movement Director for nine years, I have a practical understanding of actors’ bodies and have built a physical language to tap into when trying to unlock intimate scenes. As well as working on a variety of sets from low budget to high-end TV I am also co-artistic director of Entita Theatre, an award winning physical theatre company; setting Shakespeare in motion. My recent Intimacy Coordination work includes: The Great 1 & 2,  Ruxx (HBO), The Offenders (BBC) and Brave New World.  

"Kat's approach to intimacy setups is so delicate, human and empathic that it sets the perfect ground for creativity." (Iulia Rugina, RUXX, HBO) 




With a first class degree in Writing, Directing and Performance from York University and having worked as a professional actress for eight years in TV, Film and Theatre, I offer a skill set that has foundations in the knowledge of an Actors and a Directors process, as well as acutely understanding the mechanics of working on small - big scale sets. I am able to transfer this knowledge to my work as an Intimacy Coordinator.  My recent work includes: Channel 4/HBO It’s A Sin, Gentleman Jack 2, Brave New World and RoadKill. 

"Elle created a safe and empowered space for the intimate scenes and was invaluable to our filming process" (Serena Armitage, FLUXX)

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