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Katharine Hardman

Katharine Hardman 


Co-Founder of EK Intimacy, Kat’s professional experience over the past decade as an Actor and Movement Director has informed a practical understanding of working with actors - building a physical language to tap into when unlocking intimate scenes. 


Kat’s appreciation for the Director's process and an Actor’s incredible generosity in this work, helps to create a collaborative and responsive approach that brings out the character expression in choreography of intimate moments.


Her recent work includes: 'One Day', 'The Tattooist of Auschwitz', 'Interview with the Vampire' (S2), 'The Great' (S1,2, 3), 'Without Sin', 'Wolf'.

"Kat's approach to intimacy setups is so delicate, human and empathic that it sets the perfect ground for creativity." (Iulia Rugina, RUXX, HBO) 

Elle McAlpine




Co-Founder of EK Intimacy, Elle's professional experience in acting gives her a unique skill set drawing on her knowledge of an Actors and Director's process.  


Her curiousity for intimate story telling and passion for exploring a character's psyche through sexual expression, helps facilitate a creatively rich space for creatives and production. She offers tools and exercises anchored in embodiment and energetics, that allow actors to have agency when making creative choices during the sculpting of a sex scene.


Her recent work includes: 'Poor Things', 'One Day', 'Baby Reindeer', 'The Winter King', 'Champion', Everywhere Now'.

"Elle created a safe and empowered space for the intimate scenes and was invaluable to our filming process" (Serena Armitage, FLUXX)


Katarina Leskoov



Based in South Wales but originally from Slovakia, Katarina speaks fluent Hungarian and Slovak. Having worked as an Assistant Director for several years - on both low and high budget productions - she has an in depth understanding of how film sets work. Her job has allowed her to work closely with actors and directors, developing an appreciation of the creative process between them, whilst also managing the film crew and the smooth running of the set.

These skills allow Katarina to create an efficient and safe environment for everyone involved in an intimate scene.

Dan 'DJ' Johnson

Dan 'DJ'


DJ begun his career by training as an actor (where he also met Elle and Kat!) - specialising in physical performance. He then soon found his feet in the action and stunt world - working as an actor, performer, and coordinator across film productions and theatre for the last decade. As soon as Intimacy Coordination hit the shores of the U.K., DJ was enamoured by the role; he has now recently finished his year long training with EK Intimacy and is currently under their mentorship scheme. DJ's background as an Actor and a Stunt Coordinator has given him a unique understanding and expertise as an Intimacy Coordinator, allowing him to utilise these skills whilst he champions communication, physical storytelling, body autonomy, and artistic freedom & creativity.

Marion Kurucz



Starting out in Paris, then moving to Budapest, Marion has 16 years experience in the TV and film industry (mostly TV shows and commercials, but also narrative and documentary films) - she also has 4 years as the director of operations of a major Hungarian film festival. In 2023, Marion decided to use her film industry experience - and life-long passion for artistic expression through movement - to support productions with navigating intimate content; leading to a full year of training and mentorship with EK Intimacy she became a trained Intimacy Coordinator. 

She is currently based in Budapest and speaks native French, Hungarian, and fluent English.

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